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Take a minute, have a look at the projects we worked on. Get a feeling for our engagement in the community.

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We worked on wonderful projects in different areas, with a variety of clients & partners. Here is a brief selection with some of our favorite projects in 2015:

Screenshot lehner-versand.ch

Shop for Lehner Versand

The classic mail-order company Lehner Versand still sends out bi-monthly print catalogues to thousands of people in Switzerland. Although many orders are still placed through phone, fax or snail-mail, the online shop needed a facelift.

Not only that, but a complete change of the underlying technology. The new Magento-powered shop comes now with a clean, beautiful & user-friendly reponsive frontend, designed & built by us.

Head over for some linen or clothes

Screenshot blog.migrosbank.ch

Blog for Migros Bank

The original Migros Bank Blog layout was based on an adaptive frontend, like the main website. We re-wrote the entire code of the WordPress solution and built a fully responsive frontend on top of it. Additionally we gave the blog a modest facelift.

The header & footer areas contain non blog related stuff and are fed directly by the CMS (Magnolia) of the main website. We used the new REST API in WordPress to deliver cached versions of the header & footer to the Migros Bank Blog.

See for yourself

Screenshot twint.ch

Website for TWINT

TWINT is your digital wallet by PostFinance. A payment app that allows you to easily pay at growing number of stores in Switzerland.

Together with the agency Partner & Partner, who delivered the concept and a beautiful design, we developed the website for the app and potential merchants in pretty short time-frame. From a contest to a map featuring all merchants TWINT is a feature-rich project.

Explore a new way to pay

Screenshot blog.css.ch

Blog for CSS Versicherung

CSS Insurance is one of Switzerlands biggest health insurance companies and provides its assured customers with a print magazine every quarter, featuring the lastet on nutrition, sport and health.

The original blog was tied to the print magazine, but since it became more important within CSS Insurance and for their users, it was time for a new design and a new concept. With the client, we took the initial ideas for a fresh start, designed and developed a beautiful, reader-friendly corporate blog while keeping the print magazines within reach.

Check it out

Screenshot mcschindler.com

Website for mcschindler.com

Our long-term partner Marie-Christine needed a redesign for her very popular website on digital communication in the social web. Instead of getting started with a fresh design, we started with an analysis of user behaviour regarding content consumption.

The results were discussed in a workshop, where we defined the future information architecture for the website. A light mobile first design with better emphasis on the services Marie-Christine offers and the possibility to revive old content that still matters, provide solutions to these issues. The result is a very readable website with great emphasis on the valuable content.

Read about our process


We love our clients, together we build exiting, challenging and fulfilling solutions for the web. A round of applause for all of them!

This year we had the pleasure to work with people from the following organisations:

  • Logo Pro Helvetia
  • Logo CSS
  • Logo Migros Bank
  • Logo Twint
  • Logo Partner & Partner
  • Logo Escapenet
  • Logo Ammarkt
  • Logo bexio
  • Logo SBB
  • Logo Lehner Versand
  • Logo BVB
  • Logo CMS Box
  • Logo Lionheart
  • Logo Mayoris
  • Logo MC Schindler
  • Logo Schtifti
  • Logo Switchplus
  • Logo local.ch

required Community & Lifestyle

Welcome Pascal

Pascals Character

The year started out with great excitement for us, as our newest member Pascal Birchler joined our team in February 2015. With a background in digital publishing, a passion for cooking and a strong focus on contributing to open source software, the WordPress project in particular, he is a wonderful match for our team.

Thanks to his countless contributions to the WordPress project in 2015, he became the first Swiss WordPress developer to get commit access to the core project.
We couldn't be more proud!

Open Source Contributions

We love the web and the open source software community.
That‘s why we support and attend events by and for the web community, as guests, sponsors or speakers and set aside time to contribute to the projects we love and build upon, like the WordPress project.


Employee with WordPress Commit Access


Props in WordPress Core


Commits to WordPress Core


Open Source Plugins released


Talks held at Conferences


WordCamps & Meetups organized


Here are some of the fantastic conferences we sponsored in 2015:


To grow as a remote team, while respecting our individual lifestyles, we believe in regular company retreats! WordCamps are always a great opportunity to explore a new place and spend some face-to-face time together.


  • Pascal BirchlerPascal Birchler
  • Silvan HagenSilvan Hagen
  • Karin ChristenKarin Christen

20 – 22 March

We started the year by attending WordCamp London in March. Silvan had the chance to give a talk about building «a multisite project on a tight budget». Watch the Video »


  • Pascal BirchlerPascal Birchler
  • Silvan HagenSilvan Hagen
  • Stefan VelthuysStefan Velthuys

11 April

This was the first time for Vienna to host a WordCamp. We decided to be part of it and support the new camp. It's always a pleasure to catch-up with friends from around the world.


  • Pascal BirchlerPascal Birchler
  • Silvan HagenSilvan Hagen
  • Karin ChristenKarin Christen
  • Stefan PaschStefan Pasch

6 – 7 June

Prior to WordCamp Cologne, we spent the week in Hamburg and Schwerin with a stopover in Hannover to found a new branch in Germany.

While Karin, Pascal, Silvan and Stefan went on to visit WordCamp Cologne, Velthy took the train for an off-work weekend with friends in Copenhagen.

At WordCamp Cologne, Pascal had the honour to open the camp as their keynote speaker and Karin later talked about running a bussines while traveling. Silvan shared our UX process for open source plugins with the audience.


  • Pascal BirchlerPascal Birchler
  • Silvan HagenSilvan Hagen
  • Karin ChristenKarin Christen
  • Stefan VelthuysStefan Velthuys
  • David CondrauDavid Condrau

26 - 28 June

We all enjoy warmer regions in Europe and across the world.

WordCamp Europe in Seville however, was different. With a whopping 45°C in the shade, siesta quickly became a thing among us and we turned into night owls. In Seville we spent almost 10 days together, we got a lot of work done and had chances to catch up with eachother face-to-face. All of us share a passion for delicious food, so we tried lots of regional delicacys like tapas & sea food.

In a UX Design Process for building an open source Plugin, Silvan shared the steps we took to ensure great user experience in our plugin User Feedback. Pascal introduced WP Talents in his talk on Centralizing WordPress Professionals" and Karin presented her thoughts & experience about how to run a remote business while travelling the world.


  • Pascal BirchlerPascal Birchler
  • Silvan HagenSilvan Hagen
  • Karin ChristenKarin Christen
  • David CondrauDavid Condrau

19 September

This was the second year in a row that we helped organising WordCamp Switzerland in Zurich. We had a blast and look back on a fantastic, local WordCamp.

In 2016 WordCamp Switzerland travels to Geneva and the local community is taking over organising an inspiring event.


  • Pascal BirchlerPascal Birchler
  • Silvan HagenSilvan Hagen
  • Karin ChristenKarin Christen
  • Stefan VelthuysStefan Velthuys
  • Stefan PaschStefan Pasch

14 November

We love this city, so we had to be there for their local WordCamp. It was one of our shortest trips this year, basically just a 4-day weekend.

Delivering great work requires some off-time. We couldn't find a place with proper WiFi on Sunday anyways, so we spontaneously deciced to go to the movies and watch «Steve Jobs», and enjoy some excellent drinks & food.


  • Pascal BirchlerPascal Birchler

2 - 6 December

At the beginning of December WordCamp US took place in Philadelphia, PA. It was the biggest WordCamp so far with almost 2000 attendees.

The highlight was the annual State of the Word by WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg.

Pascal was personally mentioned when Matt announced the new core committers for WordPress, the CMS powering 25% of the web. So please don't break the web Pascal :-).

Thank you!

We are truly grateful for the amazing clients we have, for the fantastic people we met in 2015 and for being part of the amazing web community.

– Silvan, Stefan, Karin, Stefan & Pascal